If you are looking to start a business or grow your in business.
To be successful it all boils down to one thing.
Positioning your gifts and talents to the RIGHT people
in the RIGHT way.
So that it can and will bring ABUNDANCE to you!
And quite honestly you are meant to have it!
But it's not always as easy as it looks.
You may have already found a level of success and now you want to 
leverage your strengths and talents so that you can take your brilliance to the bank.  
Positioned To Profit:
A 3-Part Series on How to Build an Empire from your Expertise
Is your proven solution to set your business up the RIGHT way so that you 
get clients & make money from what you know.
3 Reasons Why Women Entrepreneurs Are NOT Successful:
Reason #1 -- They are not clear on what their gift is and how it is the answer a group of people that need & will pay for it. Without this clarity you lack the opportunity to position your gift to profit. 
Reason #2 -- You are not connecting to the WIIFM of your clients, (What’s In It For Me) and what happens is the RIGHT people do not feel the love and do not say YES to you! Without this clarity you lack the opportunity to connect with the RIGHT people that will position your gift to profit. 
Reason #3 -- You do not see how you can take your gifts and talents and create an easy system to use in your business. Without this clarity you lack speaking to the predictable result that leads to a sale and your business is not positioned to profit. 
I created this 3-part series for...
The woman who is ready to start her business and does not know where to start.
Or you are not clear exactly what your purpose, your gift is and you want to start a business but not sure how to position what you do into a business
Or you have been in business and you can't understand why no one is signing up to work with you. 
If any of those sound like you, I want to move you into the abundance that IS your birthright. So that you set up your business the RIGHT way for the RIGHT people and as you do it

What's included? 
Series 1
The Competency Series:
Clarify Your Position
I help you take your gift and get so crystal clear about it so that your ideal customers stop and say to themselves,  “I need to work with (your name here) right now!”
In this master lesson you will learn:
  • The clarity you need about your gift and the transformation it provides.
  • Understand how your gift is framed around how you should serve the world which becomes the CORE message your business should stand on.
  • Stand confident in the subject matter you will own & how it will help you stand out in a crowded market.
  • Clearly define who your ideal client is and who they are NOT.
Volume1:  FIERCE Framework Assessment - You get access to the FIERCE Framework Assessment, which upon completion will give you a report that details your persona and ideal positioning of your gift. This will give you the exact insight that will show you how you should be positioning your gift in your business
Volume 2: Getting Clear on your DNA - After you receive your custom report of YOUR FIERCE Framework this next volume walks you through how to use this data to not just understand your giftedness in a way you may have never looked at before, but to also give you insight on how to position your gift to profit.
Series 2
The Connection Series:
How to Move The Hearts & Minds Of Those That Need You To Pay You.
Finding your ideal audience and how to connect with them will give you the certainty and confidence you need to have the real conversations that create revenue. Knowing how to connect to your ideal clients will save you so much time and money! 

In this master lesson you will learn:
  • The keys to connecting your expertise to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients?
  • Gain confidence in your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) and how you bring value in a unique way to your marketplace.
  • Get clear on the problem you solve. In other words.....What’s your Solution?
  • Understanding how to motivate a client to say YES to you before you even invite them to buy anything.
Volume 3: Define Your Tribe - In this module I walk you through defining your ideal client which I call your tribe as we map out who they are so that you can begin to laser focus on how your gift is connected to a targeted group of the population.
Volume 4:  The Art of Connection - Now that you know who they are, how do you  connect to your ideal client so they see you as the answer to their problem and will pay you for it!
Series 3
The Context Series:
How You Move Your Clients from Symptom To Solution
Now it’s time to move your positioning and your people into profit. 

In this master lesson you will learn.
  • How Positioning your gift as the solution can easily create 6 revenue streams in your business.
  • How To leverage freedom & stop selling your time in your business.
  • The one formula you need to make multiple streams of incomes in your business.
Volume 5:  How to Position Your Platform to Profit  - As I walk you through understanding how your gift positioned as the solution can and will create multiple revenue streams you can and should develop in your business that will move you into the abundance that is yours for the taking.
In addition, you will receive:
Easy to follow step-by-step process which is broken down with worksheets so 
    implementation is a breeze.
Be part of a Facebook community of other successful women to support you in your journey. 
BONUSUltimate Guide To Bankroll Your Brilliance eBook - learn how to stand out in a 
    crowded market of people that do what you do
Still Not Sure?
What I know for sure is that there is abundance out there waiting FOR YOU and while you are watching other people successfully build their businesses you are ready to go after yours! Positioned To Profit will point you in the direction to go after ALL that you desire and deserve and get your business set up the RIGHT way. 
No More Second Guessing Yourself
No More Looking for the Quick Side Hustle
It’s time for you to live in the freedom & the flow that comes with you position your gift to profit
SAVE $5700 Now!
I have been doing this work for over 20 years and in just one session with Nicole, she quickly helped me figure out my niche and how to focus my message to the exact group of people who need me and will pay me. It was an ahhh moment for me as I realize how I have been overlooking the niche market I really DO serve.  Getting clear on what my gift does and who it specifically serves has shifted me and has allowed me to greater connect to the work I do and touch more people in a more effective & fresh new way!!!
- Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard, Founder, Living on Assignment, LLC
Before Nicole’s Positioned to Profit program, I was struggling with the uniqueness of how I served others. I thought I was a Life Coach but really what I do is help others produce world class events that create a movement for their business.  I was also not clear on what the end results was for my clients. The clarity I got in my business increased the value of what I offer others by 80%. Meaning that my profits have gone up and I am making significant part time income with my coaching business now.  I went from 2 clients to now 11 clients in less than a year.  I also went from 1 speaking event per year to having more than 4 in one quarter, just because I can articulate what my gift is and what it does and the result it creates for the RIGHT people, the RIGHT way!
- Dionna Mitchell, CEO, ManifestNow Shift
Working with Nicole has been invaluable. She is highly skilled at developing my ability to look at how to position my know how in my business. While she is brilliant at creating programs, she makes sure my gift remains tied to the bigger picture of being the answers to my clients wants & needs. She has also cuts through all the information swirling in my head, to help me laser in on the strategies that would be the most beneficial and profitable for me in my business. I followed her advice, and sold my first $10K program. Nicole is unbelievably generous with sharing her resources and her time. I especially value her direct style of coaching & teaching, which is right on target and keeps me moving forward in the right direction serving the right people.
- Maria Stanfield, Founder & CEO, My Sisters Closet
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I discover my purpose after taking this series?
Yes. My FIERCE Framework Assessment will give you in depth insight to your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) and the way you are wired to do what you do. My clients have been using this FIERCE Framework since 1993 and once they have been able to uncover the gaps in their positioning, they are clear on how to position their purpose and start to make profit!
How is this course different from a career placement program?
Many people will place you in a job or tell you to start a business based on what they think you should do, but the key to finding work that is both fulfilling to your soul and your bank account, is deeper than just the right job. It is really understanding how your purpose can and will position you to make a difference and make money while you do it. The Positioned to Profit series not only provides the clarity needed to attain a solid understanding of your gift but, also, the very way you will use it to be the answer and connect with the people that need you and will pay you for it.
I have had my business for year, how will this help me?
The Positioned To Profit program walks you through a step by step process to give you clarity on the way you are wired and how your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) can position you for greater revenue. Many entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table when they do not have the clarity around how their gift differentiates them in their marketplace and that is what Positioned to Profit does. It helps you get clear on your secret sauce and teaches you how to connect with the right people, the right way that will lead to a greater number of people saying YES to working with you.
Nicole, I haven’t started my business yet. How will this help me?
YES!  I created this just for you.  This training series is designed to help you learn the RIGHT path to creating your business as well as the RIGHT people you are wired to serve. Understand this IS what allows that gift in you to position you to profit.